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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Miller Family, Please: Colonoscopy & Food

Ok, so maybe I am the only one who could turn my partner's colonoscopy into a food escapade.  He couldn't eat for an entire day.  I have to/must eat all day long.  It is all I think about.  Last night while he was , shall we say, "cleansing" and drinking sprite, I was simmering a beautiful Pho on the stove-top...all for my selfish pleasure.  When it was ready and I was ready to eat, I excused myself to the second floor of the house to inhale a most intense, aromatic, herbal, and spicy Pho.  It was fantastic.  The best one I have ever made....guilt.  At 3:00 a.m. I got up and ate an entire bag of barbecued potato chips...and some leftover cold Pho.....guilt.  At this point, he couldn't even drink water, while I slurped away at the bottle next to our bed.  His bottle was removed to save temptation.

The next morning, I snacked on some cookies with my coffee while we readied ourselves for the trip to bountiful.  Mr Miller AND his driver, please, a nurse announced.  Sign in and register.  I had to sign a "driver" confirmation form.
Next to Relationship?  I wrote roomate/partner.  Pretty bold move for this particular lobby full of people.  Checked out the snack machine for his...favorite snacks to have upon release.  We were now ready for what would lie ahead.

They called him back.  They called me back.  They sent me back out to wait.  After waiting for what seemed like about 5 minutes longer than I thought it should take, a nurse announced:  The Miller Family, please! 
That was me.

We held hands while the nurse dis-connected him to all the stuff.  I asked him how he felt.  I asked him if he was hungry.  He said he wanted Sir Pizza, still in his hospital gown.  We talked about Sir Pizza, Rally's, Sonic...Rally's Extra Crispy Fish Sandwich and large Coke won out.  The best fish sandwich he's ever had?  You bet!

The best Pho I ever had? Yep!

Almost everything is about food.

His colonoscopy was clean & perfect.

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