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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

For The Love Of Food

I was thinking back and going through cruise vacation photos.  It did not occur to me at the time that I was taking as many photographs of what we ate as I was taking of the Caribbean Sea.  Funny.  In any case, everything was incredible.  The dining rooms had different levels of light and darkness On some nights the seas were very choppy and rough.
The food was always thoughtfully prepared and executed.
A foodie photo journal:

*Shrimp Cocktail: lemon, radish, butter lettuce.  
*Gazpacho: minced cucumber, tomato, pepper tomato ring with gazpacho poured around the bowl.
*Oysters : halfshell, lemon, cocktail sauce, Tobasco.
*Chilled Cucumber Soup: fresh dill, jicama.
*Rigatoni: tomato sauce, fresh tarragon.
*Lobster Bisque: sherry, puff pastry rounds.
*Cucumber-Wrapped Beef Tartar: horseradish ice cream, mint.

*Panko Crusty Fried Prawns: black sesame seed pineapple,, grilled scallion, peanut noodles.
*Barbecued Ribs: creamy slaw, scalloped potato.
*Supreme of Mallard Duck: blackberry demi-glaze, steamed vegetables, pureed butternut squash.
*Pan-Seared Halibut: tomato coulis, sauteed vegetables,yukon gold potato mousse.
*Zucchini Yellow Squash Ribbon-Wrapped Turbot, tomato, creme fraiche, chive, peas, fried harico verts.
*Beef Tenderloin: pave potato, horseradish mousse, glace.
*New Zealand Rack of Lamb: rosemary, mushroom caps of bearnaise, mint demi-glaze, glazed carrots.

*Creme Brulee: fresh strawberry, mint.
*Black Forrest Tiramisu Layered Mousse Cake: shaved chocolate.
*Dark Chocolate Filled Cheesecake: glazed bluberries, mango, strawberry, candied orange peel.
*Fig Cinnamon Cake: butter pecan ice cream, caramel.
*Molten Lava Cake: butter pecan ice cream.
*Trio of Mousses: chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate shards.


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