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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fried Basil

Apparentally, I'll fry anything.

We finally grilled out the other night.  Michael made his succulent fall-off-the-bones baby back ribs, rubbed, grilled, and sauced to perfection.  Messy and bone sucking good.  He managed the perfect ratio of vinegar to molasses for a tangy sweet sauce.  Sticky sweet and mouth popping tart.  The ribs were exceptional, especially when paired with his candied bacon baked beans. Pork with pork. Pork on pork.  It couldn't get any better.

We had market corn lounging in the vegetable bin....waiting for the grill. Still fresh and tightly husked, it begged for fire. We've  had corn every which way but loose this summer; steamed, boiled, creamed, chowdered, grilled bacon-wrapped, buttered with zested lime salt, and deep fried on the cob.

I wanted something different. Really different.

I grilled Silver Queen corn along side his ribs with grape tomato skewers until they were slightly charred and caramelized. While still hot from the grill, I slathered the grilled corn with butter and showered it with sea salt, pepper, tons of nutty parmesan reggiano, and crumbled deep fried basil.
Deep fried basil?


I have fried everything this summer. Why not basil?  Flash frying the basil transformed it into beautiful stained glass crispy leaves. 

Not quite fresh, but certainly not dried, it retained a slight fresh basil anise flavor with crisp boldness.  The broken fried basil stuck to the buttered corn  like decoupage without the rub down, which ensured its staying power during our animalistic gnawing and  manhandling of it.  Nutty. Sweet. Salty. Buttery. Basil-y.

Slippery finger food.  Barbecued pork lips and buttered basil fingers.

Now, that's a cookout!

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