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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I believe even the smallest things in life should be adventurous. Whether spiritual, physical, or emotional, passion should take hold and explode with adventure in everything.  Grabbing life.  Siezing moments. Taking life in.

Sometimes we seek out crazy fun adventure to be harnessed and bull-ridden.  Michael and I embark on one tomorrow.  Who knows what lies ahead? There are concrete destinations and schedules to meet.  It will be the many funny odd moments, blind corner turns, and unexpected hidden jewels that will ultimately provide the adventure.

We are ready. 

We have our things.                                  

We have our gifted treats from our fabulous women.

We have a dear friend who is a very talented writer. She is a recorder of life.  Her gift of capturing the simplest of moments, outrageous happenings, and forgotten conversations is uncanny. She does it with great humor, snarky sarcasm, and bittersweet charm. She is brilliant.

She once gave me simple great advice: Take notes. 

Advice heeded.

There will be great food to be had and we will find it.

Stay tuned.......


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