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Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Book & A Burrito

So we have been traveling down the interstate snacking on pineapple gummies, wasabi cashews, chocolate no bake cookies, chocolate covered dried sour cherries, and chess bars. They  have been wonderful.

This morning, I was craving an audio book and a breakfast burrito.  We stopped at one of those one-stop-all truck driver re-fueling stations for gas.  While inside, I thought I would peruse the audio book offerings.

Next to the shiny University of Georgia Bulldog cowboy belt buckles was a small selection of books on tape.  I was picking through some Daneille Steele standouts when a forboding voice came over the intercom system. "Truckers, shower stall number 2 is vacant and available." Ok, so there I was, rifling through audio books in my Ralph Lauren coordinated Buster Brown travel togs with a newly coiffed Dorothy Hamill haircut, and all I could picture at that point was a line of naked truck drivers wearing flip flops with soap-on-a-string draped over thier shoulders waiting to shower. I suppose they were showering for a trip to the XXXX We Bare All Love Stuff Supercenter Shop next door. We were clearly out of our element. Odd.

Michael filled the car with gas.  We had our book safely tucked away. I walked over to the burrito stand and gazed at the tightly rolled breakfast burritos turning slowly and quietly on the heating elements of the self serve glassed-in  burrito case. They looked crisp and hot with bits of scrambled eggs falling out both ends of the burrito casings revealing their inside goodness. Fake cheese dripped out and down onto the turning metel rods almost glazing the burritos with a melted cheese coating.  I wanted one. Or three. Then, "Truckers, all showers are currently occupied, please draw a number and wait to be called." 

The image.

That announcement shook me out of my burrito daze.  The craving was gone.

I had a book.  No need for a burrito.

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