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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Mary

It's the week before Christmas. Ah, yes. There is so much to do.....or little to do.  Pick. Choose.  I'm done. I've shopped.  I've wrapped. I've cooked.

I choose little to do this week.

The big events are over. Traveling, laughing, listening, and cojoling  are things of the past. Stop. Breathe. Rest. Enjoy the season, now.   It is time  to be truly Merry. 

Merry happy.  Merry joyful.  Merry Mary.

Today was Mary Sunday at our church.  As a part of todays service, we rededicated a 200 year old painting of "Titian's Madonna", by Oliver Frazer (1808-1864). The cleaning and restoration of the painting was performed by Richard A. O'Connell of Paris, Kentucky.  The repairs included filling holes in the canvas, removing old varnish, and cleaning the surface and back.  In-painting was performed as required.  New coatings with damaged varnish and pure beeswax were applied to soften the appearance.  The canvas was restretched and remounted on the 200 year old historic frame.  The frame was cleaned and repaired with gesso, pappier mache and regilt as necesary.


Christ is the icon of the invisible God; all things were created through him and for him.

The word became flesh.

And dwelt among us.

Almighty God, whose Son our Saviour manifested your glory in his flesh, and sanctified the outward and visible to be a means to perceive realities unseen:
Accept, we pray, this representation of the birth of our Lord, Jesus; and grant that as we look upon it, our hearts may be drawn to things which can be seen only by the eye of faith; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

As we took communion at the alter, the large Madonna painting greeted us.

It. Was. Gorgeous.

Absolutley gorgeous. 

We left church and headed straight to Jalapenos restaurant  for margaritas and lunch.  We are very predictable customers at Jalapenos.  Top Shelf frozen Margaritas?  Why yes, of course. Cimichangas, tacos, asados, huevos rancheros, fajitas?  Nope.  Not today.

Stat: Jalapenos has the BEST frozen top shelf margaritas in town. Period. Their cilantro infused salsa is amazing and their salsa verde could bring giant men to their knees. Done. Over.

I ordered Mexicano T-Bone Steak topped with sauteed green onions and ranchero sauce.  Hello!  Put that in your burrito and eat it.  Crazy.  "How would you like it cooked?", Marcos asked.  With an aside to the audience, Michael reminded  me that they flame meat on high at Jalapenos. Marcos agreed. "Medium rare", I said.  "OK, I'll tell them rare", he said.  Love.

They brought Michael's sizzling fajitas to the table, placing the steaming cast iron skillet in front of him with all the appropriate garnishes.  Jealous thoughts flew through my head.  Damn.  I chose wrongly, again.  They looked fabulous, hissed heavenly, and  smelled devine..  I wanted those fajitas. I really wanted them.
Until  Marcos  plunked  my gigantic T-Bone steak down in front of me. I normally don't eat a lot of red meat.  Certainly not in steak form, but the T-Bone spoke to me. "Eat me.", it said.  "Eeeeeeeeeat, me."  With a nod to Little Shop Of Horrors, I fed the beast. Me, the beast.  When my steak arrived, it literally spilled over the edge of the platter.  Yep, platter. The shiny grilled T-Bone steak was topped with glistening sauteed  green onion batons surounded by  refried beans and mexican rice.

The steak was perfectly prepared.  Rosy pink, highly seasoned,  and fork tender.  I ate the filet side first.  Who wouldn't?  After slicing the juicy meat from the bone, I noshed on buttery moist steak.  Fatty.  Rich.  Unctuous. The green onions were piquant, sharp, and tender, cutting through the meatiness with pronounced intention. I devoured the entire steak while  inhaling the  refried beans and pea-studded mexican  rice. So good.

We were hungry and hungover. 
The food was fabulous. 
It was a perfect match.
Feed the mind, body, and soul.

Felize Navidad.

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