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Friday, January 1, 2010

Black Eyed Peas

Ok, so we went to a New Year's day brunch potluck at our faerie princess' house today.  Fabulous.  The laughter was contagious.  The joy unbounded. 

Spaulding's bread pudding by Rachel was over the top.  Jason's Pork Loin with a light soy orange glaze was fantastic, moist and tender.  The sweet orange glaze was a perfect compliment to it.

I took some collard greens & ham pot stickers, along with collard greens & ham & marscapone cheese fried wontons.  Made a traditional soy-ginger-mirin-sesame dipping sauce, a  spicy sweet red chili sauce, and a pot liqour pot sticker dipping sauce.

Who would of thought that the bread pudding with spicy sweet red chili sauce could be that unexpectedly delicious?  OMG.....mouth sensation.  It was an accident at first, the meshing of foods on a plate. A pretty damn good meshing.....sexxxxy, as the Princess would say.  Sweet, with a  hint of spice, bouncing all over your tongue, cheeks, and mouth.

AND then there were the black eyed peas.  Never been a fan of them...ever.  I'll eat anything and everything, but black eyed peas just haven't done it for me...until today.  They were so lucsious, creamy, and rich.  Turns out, coconut milk was part of the long long simmer.  A handy secret to bank. The peas were served over lucky black rice, perfectly al dente,  a nice foil to the creamy peas. Beautiful mouth feel.   So, welcome 2010 and a new food that I thought I didn't like.....but now adore!

Isn't it amazing how food can surprise and inspire? 

Resolution:  Keep an open mind and palate.

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