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Monday, February 15, 2010

T-Shirts For Sale: I Survived Hurricane Jupiter

We attended a PhatLuvBrunch yesterday that was a combination Mardi Gras & Valentine's Day Brunch.  It was a potluck, which I love, because everyone's tastes differ and there is usually alot of variety.

The food was really unbelievably good, centered around love, Valentine's, or Madri Gras.  Banjo, our wonderful  Hostess & Princess has a gift for bringing the most interesting & intriguing people together in a room.  New friends and old friends alike.  In fact, we are relatively new to this bunch, but you would never know it.  We certainly don't feel new. 
Some I  have known for years, some I have recently met, and some I met yesterday, but all feel like old friends and all are wonderful., fascinating, smart, funny, snarky, and very warm.  Very honest.  Very, very honest, which is cool.

This group of people can produce volumes of chatter and laughter, intermingling with and in rhythm to some very eclectic background tunes.

I had many conversations over the buffet table about food, which is my favorite thing to talk about.  I mean, there aren't many places where two people would have a discussion about the pros & cons of sous vide cooking.  I mean, really.  A new friend made a lasagne caprese that was so simple and so delicious.  A recipe from  a Roman grandmother, layered with fresh Mozzarella, Fresh Basil, and a san marzano tomato marinara sauce.  I asked for the recipe and meant it.
Jason's secret borrowing of the community mandoline produced a Tortilla Espanole with a lovely sofrito.
Banjo's ode to Mardi Gras was a pot of creamy red beans & rice.  Creamy in the way they are supposed be creamy, with a great mouth feel.
I loved the butternut squash soup with hints of cardamom and cumin, topped with double cream and oven-crisped prosciutto, a dish that I like to repeat out loud and one that I wished I had made.

And, then you have Rachel: The Princess of dessert & Queen of cupcakes.  Red Velvet cupcakes with real butter-cream frosting.  Who goes to that kind of trouble anymore?  Rachel.

All of this food was fantastic and washed down with  Jupiter's Hurricanes:  Lethal and delicious.
They set me out to sea in my little sailor shirt.

This warm Valentine's Day brunch on a cold winter's day inside a loving home with friends was fun, snarky, and priceless. 

"I could Have Been A Sailor"..Peter Allen

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