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Friday, February 12, 2010


Valentine's Day is coming up soon.  It is a special day, yes.  As Pollyanna as it may sound, Valentine's Day should be every day, like Mother's Day.  Why wait for the one dedicated day set aside to show love, appreciation, honor, and respect?  Esspecially if you've been in a relationship for a long time....say 26 years. 

Valentine's Day can be a lot of work.  Buying stuff, making reservations in a timely manner,and trying to make the day special.  Guess what? Relationships are alot of work.  Daily work.  They don't just happen willy-nilly.  There are good times and bad times. We should celebrate all of the times that make up relationships; the good, the bad, the ugly, and the devine.

Who needs chocolate on February 14th?

A few days ago during the crippling snowstorm, I had to go to work.  Michael did not.  Snow day for him! Me? Nope.

I was dreading going out into the cold.  Our cars were covered in snow and ice. I don't even have a windshield scraper.  I use a metal spatula.

Michael had swept my car completely clean.  And the sidewalk.  And the driveway. 

Later in the day, he sent me a message that he was bringing home carryout Pho from my favorite  Vietnamese restaurant.  Pho, one of the most soothing meals that could pass one's lips.  Aromatic, sensual, herbal from Thai Basil, crunchy with fresh bean sprouts, and velvety soft from rice noodles that drip down your chin.
The broth alone, triumphant. 

He brought home the mack-daddy super sized version of Pho.  Enough for two.  Michael doesn't eat Pho.  Lucky me.

I ate half of it the first night, savoring every drippy morsel, slurping noodles, crunching fresh fiery peppers, and drinking broth straight from the bowl like an animal.

The next night we waived our weekly pizza ritual in favor of leftovers. 

I had Pho.

I had mussels.

I combined them to create one of the best meals I have ever eaten, anywhere. Period.
Valentine's Day should be every day.
It could be every day.

I believe it already is.

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