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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Applewood Smoked Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Green Peppers & Johnnycakes

Hollowed-out, deseeded green peppers, stuffed with ground veal, beef, pork, eggs, regginao, and fresh bread crumbs.

Wrapped in Applewood smoked bacon.

Johnnycake batter.  Stoneground cornmeal, sugar, salt, and boiling water.

Griddled until crispy brown.

I topped the peppers with a tomato sauce red wine vinegar mixture, baked them until tender, draped them with sharp cheddar cheese until  melted, and after a cooling rest, ladled a tomato sour cream gravy over the molten melted cheese. Served over steamed white rice with griddled Johnnycakes soaked in butter and pure maple syrup.

This sounded like the most unlikely combination.  Hungarian inspired stuffed green peppers with Yankee inspired Johnnycakes.  It totally worked.

 Johnnycakes are the kindred spirit to the southern version of hot-water corn cakes.  Same method.  The boiling water helps them puff on the griddle.  After adding boiling water, let the batter rest for 10 minutes before cooking 6 minutes per side until golden.

The applewood smoked bacon surrounding the stuffed peppers melted into the meat mixture, disappearing and acting as caul fat.  Flavor without texture.  Brilliant!

The stuffed peppers bursted with flavor as the acidic velvety tomato sour cream gravy punched through the soft rich  meat and cheese. The butter-laden maple syrup soaked johnnycakes were the perfect side-by-side.  They stood on their own, but the sweetness balanced out the richness and tomato-ness of the peppers.  In fact, when the butter syrup sauce and tomato sauce combined as they oozed across the plate into each other,  tomato jam created itself. 

It granted my sweet & savory taste wish.


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